My story

A hundred years ago in 2007 we opened our first office in Aldgate, London. We were gleefully riding a tidal wave of corporate/brand social media adoption. My fantastic team created digital delights for many famous brands. We guided clients through the changing landscape. We even got Gordon Brown on Facebook. One random day, a tech firm offered to buy us. I accepted the offer and humbly set sail around the world. After a brief stint in Singapore running a gaming company, I crash-landed in a dark snowy Sweden where I soon rediscovered a passion for design. It was here I created the 5-HTP+ Patch (retail best-seller), Template Agreements (still popular), Norrom (on hold), and The Website Hotel (small and growing). Because of a thirst for new things, a few grey hairs, and the wonderful people around me, I also get to help others with their own exciting projects.

Here is some of this work...

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